Homeless Tartan

Homelessness in the UK has reached an epidemic proportion, personally affecting one in every 200 people, so we decided to use what  know best to support the valuable community work. Here at Slanj, we feel that it is our moral duty to try and help organisations to tackle this social issue. The tartan was specially designed to reflect the reality of this issue- the grey is used to represent the gloominess that some homeless people experience and the ten bright colours for community support.

The Homeless Tartan designed by Slanj has been officially registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans. We hope to raise awareness and to support charitable organisations and initiatives to beat Homelessness!

We will offer a range of tartan products so if you would like to show your support please keep an eye out. There are already various products on The Big Issue website, but we will keep you up to date with all of the latest developments.

Slanj Homeless Tartan items on Big Issue Website